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Celebrating small win keeps the team engaged, motivated, and collaborating at our optimal level.
Small, but mighty. We are a small team but mighty in what we do, in how we do it, and in how we serve our clients


Make decisions based on data and information.


Building, testing, and trying as many features is part of our DNA.


Listen to feedback from customers and partners

Current Openings

Operations & Marketing Intern


  • Current Local Students
  • Internships can be for School Requirements or Personal Improvement
  • Starting Date: Any Month in 2024,
  • Willingness to Learn & Take Up A Variety of Job Roles

Work Arrangement:

  • Hybrid (1 day in office and the rest based on deliverables via remote)

Allowance: $800 Р$1000 a Month 

Job Scopes and Learning Outcome:

  1. Acquire Useful and Real-World Working Skills
  2. Assist the founder in your job, placing a great emphasis on acquiring real-world experience and employable abilities that will help you in your future professional endeavors.
  3. Develop communication abilities by working with actual clients.
  4. Experience communicating in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environment.
  5. Handle email marketing campaigns and many more.
  6. Produce Effective Marketing Materials
  7. Experience with a variety of modern marketing business tools, including Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Creator Studio, Facebook Ads, and Carousell Ads. Discover how to effectively oversee campaigns and meet advertising objectives while adhering to marketing budget constraints.
  8. Gain more knowledge about SEO and SEM by creating content for the website of our business.
  9. Get Involved With Website Editing: Learn about the realm of website editing as we walk you through using the WordPress platform to add content to our website’s landing pages.

Interested candidates please send in your resume to: